ignite your magic + power within

I am Kristin Quattlebaum - a subconscious healer, a truth seeker, a disruptor, a creator, an explorer - focused on dismantling societal beliefs so that I can expand + embrace the journey of intuition.

You are a visionary + you have a deep desire to create MORE.  You thrive in making an impact in the world.  You stand out because you choose not to be bound by limits + other people's rules. You are ready to take your soul's journey to the next level. You may not know HOW we'll work together but you KNOW that you feel called to begin.

I stand, you stand; together, we rise.



Countries Reached


Lives Impacted


I stand for

unapologetic truth | a willingness to express aligned, connected truth

expansion | an innate desire to evolve

leading with love | a devotion to grounded, heart based leadership

I aim to break boundaries.  I invite others to embrace their true path (even if it looks different from the rest).  My approach is outside the box + challenges status quo.




intuitive readings

a powerful + progressive healing vortex facilitated to clear the biggest subconscious survival beliefs holding you back in your life while channeling + integrating your soul's truths to set you free from the limitations + propel you forward in your life; perfect for an instant energy resonance + shift

50 min session $222
90 min session $333
packages available

nirvana: mentorship + teaching

get out of your head + immerse in your intuitive connection, release your survival beliefs, raise your vibration, fulfill your purpose in life + business with confidence and courage + become who you were always meant to be. redefine what life looks like for you + start living aligned + unapologetic

roots $555
fire $2222
custom 1:1 available


money back guarantee

I stand behind my services and the value I deliver 100%; if you feel my service has not exceeded your expectations, I will refund your payment in full, no questions asked


what people say


I was able to feel super safe to share painful stories of my life right away, she was present and allowed me to come clean about my fears of being inadequate. I feel like there’s been a huge shift in my attitude when it comes to accepting my journey as an explorer and not as my worst enemy. Kristin is honest and her coaching invites you to do the same.

Esther Iturralde


Kristin helped me through a massive turning point in my business, bumps became smoothe again and she put me right back on track. Kristin helped me get back on track faster than I thought possible. She's amazing, her intuition is right on point and her ability to clear what's stopping you from success is second to none.

Tamara Norwood


In a ridiculously short amount of time (a matter of minutes) Kristin was able to identify my limiting beliefs, nullify them, and integrate a new way of being into me, which has enabled me to be present, stay focused and remove any resistance.

Jim Craig


I had my first ever intuitive session with Kristin and was blown away with the truth of my current situation. She was very quickly able to pin point where my resistance was coming from, why I am staying stagnant and how I can move forward with ease instead of struggle. I would HIGHLY recommend her services if you are needing clarity.

Shelby McMillan


Professional, patient and takes her time to help you achieve your goals.

Jalen Law


Kristin has taken my life both personally and professionally to the next level. My colleagues are even commenting on the changes they have seen in me. Kristin’s approach is different. She’s tough when you need it. She makes you search for the answers. She has made me a better me. Invest in yourself by working with Kristin, you will not regret it!

Lynn Briand


My experience with Kristin was amazing! She really helped guide me through some difficult things I was facing. She has such a nurturing way about her coaching that makes you feel so unconditionally supported. Kristin will not let you down her coaching is beyond valuable. She will impact your life in a way you would never imagine.

Taylor Cope


Kristin is absolutely incredible at what she does! Every time we talk it feels like she sees straight into my soul and speaks right to my heart. My intuitive coaching session with her was amazing and beyond anything I could have expected. Her messages and insights were spot on and brought me instant peace and clarity!

Lindsey Kasch


I have been struggling a lot this year trying to find my happiness and learning to self love. Kristin shows pure, unconditional love in each session I have ever had with her. She makes me feel safe and worthy and enough. In our first intuitive session, she helped me see exactly what I needed to in that moment to get out there to find my light and my joy again.

Stephanie Bermudez


Kristin you have an amazing ability to cut through all the BS and to see exactly what is going on. Major shifts happen when I talked to you and I'm looking forward to another session. Thanks again!

Zavae Chalwell


I have been struggling with how to move my coaching business forward and how to proceed with my coaching changes. I asked one question and she was able to tell me the vision she got for my life path, the blocks that were stopping me from getting there and the truth from the highest version of myself.

Brielle Brasil


Kristin has led me to a handful of realizations and 'breakthroughs''. She is powerful, compassionate and gentle all in one! In one of my sessions with Kristin, I was blown away with how she just knew. She knew exactly what I needed to hear and what I needed to do.

Tori Sawchuk


I just loved my "tune in" with Kristin. She provided a new perspective for me on an issue I've been trying to resolve for a long time. Kristin's insight and guidance has given me confidence.  I feel free and I'm confident about the path that I'm on.

Kelly Marshall


Kristin has such a gift! She was able to tune in and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. She created a safe space from the moment we got on the call. She got straight to the point and helped me see some of the things I’ve been over looking.

Erin Cole


Kristin is an amazingly talented soul! She was able to help me identify a block that was keeping me from truly seeing the abundance that is my life and how to bring more to it. She took her time to answer my questions and I never felt rushed. She even checked in a few days later to make sure everything was going well. She is a one of a kind intuitive coach and I highly recommend her!

Brittany Galipeau