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30 min 1:1 coaching session (existing clients)

1 hour 1:1 coaching session (existing clients)

15 min let's reconnect (prior clients)



Louise Hay's Causes of Symptoms

Bizzie newsletter - cliffsnotes for business pods + courses

Regaining Peace by Alexandra Elle

101+ Social Media Sites by Influencer Marketing

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

Consistency + Expression by Brittany Eastman



Activation audio (best suited for females)

Meditative Mind - attuned frequency sound that can help clear energy and raise your vibe

Unseen Hands Healing - monthly shift tarot readings for each astrology sign

Movement Practices - Empty OutGrounding, Joy, Creating Safety

Grounding / Emptying out playlist

Foundations of embodiment



Insight Timer - meditation app

Calming 7 minute breath practice

Pranayama practice to connect to your lifeforce energy

Cultivate focus + attention meditation

Menstrual cycle meditation

Manifest your future meditation

Heal your Headache meditation

Navigate your Way to Presence meditation



2019.12.05 Hustle Like a Stripper [with KQ] - Hustlin' Like Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles

2019.12.25 Olivia Seline - Unlocking Deeper Sexual Nourishment through Erotic Blueprints

2020.05.20 Push or Pivot [with KQ] - Unravel All the Layers

2020.05.31 S.H.E Can Show [with KQ] - How to Trust Your Intuition with Ease

2020.7.30 Unchain Your Inner Strength [with KQ] - Trusting Your Instincts

2020.8.10 Divine Strength [with KQ] - Connect Back to the Magic that's Inside of You

2020.8.26 Ryan Yokome - The Dance of Masculine Money + Feminine Flow

2020.8.26 My Letter Isn't Scarlet, It's Fucking Gold [with KQ] - Masculine/Feminine Dynamics

2020.8.31 Soul Full [with KQ] - Authentic AF

2020.9.9 That Projector Life [with KQ] - Projectors + Emotional Authority

2020.9.27 Orgasmic Enlightenment - Health Hacks

2020.10.12 Intuitive Visionary [with KQ] on Revolution Evolution

2020.12.1 Free Your Mind w/Aubrey Marcus + Peter Crone

2020.12.1 How to Be Original on Orgasmic Enlightenment

2020.12.23 Trusting the Flow of the Universe w/Natalia Benson

2020.12.23 Liberated-ish w/Peta Kelly

2021.01.09 Setting Yourself Free w/Olivia Seline

2021.02 Honoring Boundaries + Anger w/Madison Morrigan

2021.02 Selling Your Services by Kris Britton

2021.03 Leadership, Ditching Hierarchy + Intuition w/Brittany Eastman



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