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my story

My name is Kristin. I spent 15 years in corporate hustling for happiness. I struggled to find my path and feel content with my accomplishments, always seeking more. I was tired of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy. I turned to food, shopping, working long hours - whatever I could do to numb my pain. Nothing was working.

I decided to go to therapy in 2011 because I started to feel overwhelming anxiety. I spent 6 years in therapy exploring my behavioral patterns and unpeeling the layers of my triggers and beliefs. I was able to change my relationship to feeling emotions and gain a new understanding of human behavior. I began to see people differently.

In 2017, I found Hungry for Happiness and decided to apply for their coaching program to become a certified coach. I was scared. It was the most I had ever invested in myself - but I knew I had to do it because I was so tired of feeling unfulfilled.

Through this coaching program, I learned: to feel emotions I had suppressed for 20 years, to connect with my body and intuition, to meditate and find presence, to develop a relationship with my inner child, to forgive, to love myself, to believe I am worthy, and to fulfill my own needs.

I knew I didn't want to stop there.  In 2019, I found the Intuition Wisdom Institute, where I became a certified intuitive coach.  In this program, I learned how to identify and clear limiting beliefs/blocks trapped in my subconscious, and to integrate truth to help me heal at a faster rate.  I learned how to become one with my intuition/true self.  As an intuitive coach, I serve as the humble messenger acting as a conduit between my client and their true self.

Coaching changed my life. I wholeheartedly believe that my purpose is to serve others, and to guide them on their healing journey.  A journey back home to your true self, where you'll build confidence in who you really are and learn to accept all parts of you with unconditional love.  Everything you're searching for is within.  I feel honored to have been chosen for this path. And for the first time, my soul feels freedom.