my story

My name is Kristin. I spent 15 years in corporate hustling for happiness. I struggled to find my path and feel content with my accomplishments, always seeking more. I was tired of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, unhappy. I over-consumed everything - food, education, work - just to numb my discontent.  Nothing was working.

In 2011, I developed debilitating anxiety + decided to see a therapist for support.  I spent 6 years exploring my behavioral patterns and unraveling the layers of my triggers and beliefs. I was able to change my relationship to feeling + gain a new understanding of human behavior. I began to see people differently.

In 2017, I hired my first coach, Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness. And, in 2018, I pursued their coaching certification program. I was scared. It was the most I had ever invested in myself - but I knew I had to do it because not fulfilling my potential was keeping me up at night.  I wanted to bridge the gap between who I was + who I wanted to be.  This program taught me how to connect with my body and intuition, to meditate and find presence, to develop a relationship with my inner child, to forgive, to love myself, to believe I am worthy, and how to fulfill my own needs.

In 2019, I pursued my 2nd certification via the Intuition Wisdom Institute.  This program taught me how to identify and clear limiting beliefs/blocks trapped in my subconscious, and to integrate truth to help me heal FAST.  I learned how to become one with my intuition/true self.  As an intuitive, I am able to serve as the humble messenger conduit between my client and their true self.

Coaching changed my life. I wholeheartedly believe that my purpose is to serve others + to guide them back home to their true selves - to their divine magic + power within. Everything we seek is within.  I feel honored to have been chosen for this path.